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  • Criminal Defense Attorney: Why You Need One
    Criminal Defense Attorney: Why You Need One

    If You are Charged with a Crime, You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer. Have you been arrested? The State of Texas will have a seasoned prosecutor on its side. You need a knowledgeable ...

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  • Cities We Handle
    Cities We Handle

    We are Dallas traffic ticket attorneys , and handle traffic tickets issued throughout Dallas County . We can represent you on your traffic ticket , if you received it in one of the following ...

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  • Traffic Ticket Laws
    Traffic Ticket Laws

    Our Dallas traffic ticket attorneys can help keep those City of Dallas traffic tickets off your driving record. We have decades of experience handling a large number of types of traffic violations ...

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  • Miscellaneous Legal Issues
    Miscellaneous Legal Issues

    Obscured License Plates You may already be breaking this law, and not even know it! If your license plate frame “alters or obscures the letters or numbers on the plate, the color of the plate, or ...

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  • DWI License Suspensions
    DWI License Suspensions

    In Texas, an Arrest for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Creates Two Separate Cases: Criminal and Civil The Criminal Case May Result In Jail Time, Fines, Probation, and Community Service The Civil Case ...

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