City of Irving Non-traffic citation

Municipal Courts in Texas handle traffic violations. For example, if you’re cited by a City of Irving Police Officer for speeding, no insurance, no drivers license, expired insurance or registration, or running a red light, or any other traffic ticket, you may find yourself with a court date in the City of Irving Municipal Court. However, municipal courts not only handle traffic violations. They also hear other class “C” misdemeanor cases. These include simple assault, theft under $50, possession of drug paraphernalia, and public intoxication, as well as alleged ordinance violations and violation of the the Irving City Code. Please visit our City of Irving traffic ticket website.

My last City of Irving Municipal Court trial involved an allegation of attempted telephone harassment. Ordinarily, harassment is a class “B” misdemeanor, and would, in Dallas County, be heard in a Dallas County Criminal Court. But, under Texas law, when an attempt is alleged (i.e., acts amounting to more than mere preparation, though failing to complete the contemplated act), the level of offense is reduce one degree. Hence, a class “B” harassment charge becomes a class “C” when the allegation involves attempted harassment.