City of Garland Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you’ve received a City of Garland traffic ticket, you need a City of Garland traffic ticket attorney.  Protect your driving record!  We can help keep that traffic ticket from affecting your insurance rates, and keep it off your driving record.  Don’t risk a suspension of your drivers license!  We can also help you avoid surcharges that the Texas Department of Public Safety imposes when you are convicted of certain traffic offenses.  If you’ve been cited for speeding, no insurance, running a red light, improper lane change, no drivers license, or any other City of Garland traffic ticket charge, we can help you.  Each of our Garland traffic ticket lawyers has many years of experience defending clients who have been charged with an offense in the City of Garland Municipal Court.  Also, we zealously represent clients who have been accused of all other class “C” misdemeanor offenses, such as simple assault, theft under $50, public intoxication, city code and ordinance violations, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Has a Garland arrest warrant been issued against you?  Don’t get arrested!   We can help.  We post attorney bonds on City of Garland traffic ticket cases, and can remove arrest warrants so that you don’t end up in jail.  Don’t leave your fate to chance.  Call the Garland traffic ticket lawyers at Berlof & Newton, P.C.  (214) 494-8990, or contact one of our lawyers directly using the contact form.  For more information on how we handle Garland traffic tickets, please visit our Garland ticket lawyer website.