Plano traffic ticket lawyer

The City of Plano Municipal Court is not considered a “court of record.”  Among other things, that means that if you want to have two trials on your City of Plano traffic ticket, your lawyer can oblige you.

This rule applies, regardless if it’s a speeding ticket, red light violation, public intoxication, no insurance, or even a possession of drug paraphernalia violation.  Any Class “C” misdemeanor is fair game.

Of course, that assumes you don’t prevail at the first trial.

On the other hand, if you are convicted on your traffic ticket at the City of Plano Municipal Court, Texas law allows you to appeal this outcome to a Collin County Court-at-law.  At the Collin County court, you are entitled to what’s known as a “trial de novo.”

In other words, you can have a brand new trial!  A “do over.”  And, of course, if you’re found “not guilty” at the Collin County court, you walk away as would had you been acquitted in the City of Plano Municipal Court.