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  • Dallas Non-disclosure Lawyer
    Dallas Non-disclosure Lawyer

    You may be eligible to have an lawyer seal your criminal history information with an order of non-disclosure , if you’ve successfully completed deferred adjudication probation . The consequences of ...

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  • Dallas Traffic Ticket Lawyer
    Dallas Traffic Ticket Lawyer

    Have you received a Dallas County traffic ticket ? If simply pay the fine, your traffic citation can appear on your driving record. If it’s a moving violation, such as a speeding ticket, running a red ...

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  • Dallas Expunction Lawyer
    Dallas Expunction Lawyer

    You may not even know that you need an expungement ! Was your case dismissed? Were you found “not guilty” at trial? Was your charge “no billed” by the grand jury? If so, you may think that your ...

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  • Dallas Expungement Lawyer
    Dallas Expungement Lawyer

    If you’ve been arrested, you have an arrest record . This criminal history information may be holding you back in life. Take action! You may be eligible for an expunction . If your case was dismissed, ...

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  • Dallas DWI Attorney
    Dallas DWI Attorney

    Have you been arrested for DWI in Dallas County? A Driving While Intoxicated arrest in Texas can have a number of serious consequences. Drivers license suspension, fines, surcharges, probation, ...

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