Dallas Non-disclosure Lawyer

You may be eligible to have an lawyer seal your criminal history information with an order of non-disclosure, if you’ve successfully completed deferred adjudication probation. The consequences of deferred adjudication probation can be confusing. Once your probation has been successfully completed, your criminal charge is dismissed. However, unless you obtain an order of nondisclosure, the arrest and charge remain on your criminal record. Employers, landlords, friends, relatives, and anyone else with a computer and an internet connection can easily access this information. Dallas County, Denton County, Rockwall County, and Collin County all provide this information online, free of charge.

For example, you can search anyone’s Dallas County criminal history by clicking here.

Thankfully, Texas law provides that you canseal your criminal history information with an order of nondisclosure. Once sealed, your case no longer appears on these databases. Further, once an order of non-disclosure is granted, the law allows you to deny that you were ever arrested or charged… even if you’re under oath (yes, the law allows you to lie about your prior arrest, once an order of nondisclosure is signed by a judge!).

Your probation may be over, but having that case on your criminal record is like having a life sentence.