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  • Dallas Public Intoxication Attorney
    Dallas Public Intoxication Attorney

    If you’ve been arrested or received a citation for public intoxication , there are a few things you should know. First, p.i. is a class “C” misdemeanor , which means the penalty range for this offense ...

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  • Garland Traffic Ticket Attorney
    Garland Traffic Ticket Attorney

    Have you received a City of Garland traffic ticket ? If so, you need a City of Garland traffic ticket lawyer . Whether you’ve been charged with speeding, no insurance, running a red light, improper ...

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  • Dallas County Criminal Defense Lawyer
    Dallas County Criminal Defense Lawyer

    If you’ve been arrested in Dallas County, you need an experienced, aggressive Dallas County criminal defense lawyer on your side. Call us, no matter what the reason is that you’ve been arrested . ...

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  • Dallas County Pretrial Diversion
    Dallas County Pretrial Diversion

    Have you been arrested for a Dallas County misdemeanor? If so, it may be possible to have your case dismissed with a memo agreement . In Dallas County, a memo agreement is a form of pretrial diversion ...

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