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  • Dallas Robbery Lawyer
    Dallas Robbery Lawyer

    Under Texas law, robbery is similar to theft. If, while committing theft, you also engage in conduct that results in bodily injury to another person, or places another person in imminent fear of ...

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  • Dallas Aggravated Assault Lawyer
    Dallas Aggravated Assault Lawyer

    In Texas, aggravated assault is a serious felony which can result in serious jail time. Aggravated assault charges frequently result from situations in which it is alleged that you used a weapon to ...

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  • Dallas Resisting Arrest Attorney
    Dallas Resisting Arrest Attorney

    Texas law requires that you comply with a police officer, should one attempt to place you under arrest, search you, or transport you to jail. In addition, it is against the law to prevent or obstruct ...

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  • Dallas Meth Attorney
    Dallas Meth Attorney

    If you’ve been arrested for possession of methamphetamine (also known as speed, crank, or crystal meth ), you could be facing serious jail time. Pursuant to the Texas Controlled Substances Act , ...

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  • Dallas Traffic Ticket Warrant Attorney
    Dallas Traffic Ticket Warrant Attorney

    Have you been issued a traffic ticket in the City of Dallas? If you don’t make an appearance with the City of Dallas Municipal Court , either by requesting a court date or agreeing to pay the fine ...

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