Dallas Terroristic Threat Lawyer

You can be charged with terroristic threat, if you threaten to commit a crime involving harm to property, or another person.  Additionally, to be charged with terroristic threat, it must also be alleged that your intention was to to place another person, or a group of people, in fear of serious bodily injury.  Likewise, you can be charged with terroristic threat if you’re accused of conduct designed to cause an agency that handles emergencies to react unnecessarily, or in an effort to cause a public disruption of a serious nature.

Terroristic threat can be charged as a class B misdemeanor, class A misdemeanor, or 3rd degree felony, depending upon the nature of the allegation. The penalty range for class B misdemeanor terroristic threat is up to six months in the county jail, and fine of not more than $2000.  For class A misdemeanor terroristic threat, the punishment scheme is elevated.  You could receive one year in the county jail, and a $4000 fine.  Finally, if you’re convicted of the third degree felony type of terroristic threat, you’re facing from two to ten years in state prison, and up to a $10,000 fine.