2012 Great Texas Warrant Roundup

The 2012 Great Texas Warrant Roundup begins on February 25th. Beginning on that date, 265 law enforcement agencies throughout Texas will mobilize hundreds of police officers, deputy sheriffs, constables, and other government personnel in an effort to arrest those who have active warrant that have been issued for their arrest. These officers will be arresting not only people withtraffic ticket warrants, but also those who have warrants for all criminal cases, as well as for violations of city code. Regardless of what your warrant is for, the police will be actively looking for you once the2012 Great Texas Warrant Roundup gets underway. You may be subject to arrest at your home, or your place of business.

Some cities offer what they like to refer to as “amnesty” for your ticket warrants. Frequently, these municipalities will issue press releases, in which they encourage you to come to the courthouse and pay your ticket, and offer to waive the warrant fees that may have accrued. Don’t be fooled! From a legal standpoint, this is the worst thing you can do. If you pay the fine on your outstanding traffic ticket warrant, the violation will become a conviction and appear on your driving record. The Texas Department of Public Safety can levy surcharges, and your insurance premiums may increase.