Dallas “No Bond” Attorney

Is someone you know in jail, and being held without bond? Has an arrest warrant been issued, and no bond amount set?  In Dallas County, if you’re on felony probation, and it’s alleged that you’ve violated your probation, the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office will file a motion with the court, seeking to have your probation revoked.  In these types of cases, the judge typically issues a no bond warrant on your case.  As the name suggests, when a no bond warrant is issued, you cannot bond out of jail.  If you’re in jail on a no bond warrant, you must sit in jail until your case is resolved.  Even a bail bondsman cannot post your bond

However, we may be able to help.  Our Dallas no bond attorneys may be able to seek a bond reduction on your behalf.  If the judge agrees, it may be possible to have a bond set in your case.  If a bond amount is set, our Dallas bail bond attorney may then be able to write an attorney bail bond, so that you can be released from jail.

In some cases, the judge may even agree to have your warrant set aside by allowing a personal recognizance bond to be posted.  A personal recognizance bond is a document, usually signed in court, in which you agree to appear in court on your case at a later time.  Sometimes, when the judge grants a personal recognizance bond, he or she may waive arraignment and your book-in into jail.  If granted, you may be able to avoid being taken into custody altogether.