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  • Dallas Jail Release Attorney
    Dallas Jail Release Attorney

    If you know someone who’s been arrested in Dallas County, you should call a Dallas Jail Release Attorney . A bail bondsman can only post your bond. He can’t represent you in court. Also, if someone ...

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  • Dallas Forgery Lawyer
    Dallas Forgery Lawyer

    You can be charged with forgery , if you alter any type of writing in such a way that it suggests that it’s been written by someone else. Hence, you can be arrested for forgery if you sign someone ...

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  • Texas Improper Photography Statute Held Unconstitutional
    Texas Improper Photography Statute Held Unconstitutional

    Last Wednesday, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals held the improper photography statute unconstitutional, “to the extent that it proscribes the taking of photographs and the recording of visual ...

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  • Dallas Issuance of Bad Check Lawyer
    Dallas Issuance of Bad Check Lawyer

    Facing charges for issuance of a bad check ? If you didn’t have enough money in your account to cover a check you’ve written, you could find yourself facing bad check charges . You can be arrested for ...

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  • Dallas Live Chat Attorney
    Dallas Live Chat Attorney

    Need to speak with a Dallas criminal defense attorney , but are reluctant to call a law firm on the phone? Perhaps you want to simply ask a quick question. Or maybe you’re at work, and you don’t want ...

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  • Texas Surcharges
    Texas Surcharges

    Have Texas surcharges been assessed against your drivers license? Under Texas law, the Texas Department of Public Safety can assess Texas surcharges against your drivers license , either because you ...

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