TX Surcharge Attorney

Do you owe Tx surcharges?  When you are convicted of certain offenses in Texas, the Texas Department of Public Safety imposes Texas surcharge fees against you.  Failure to pay these TX surcharge fees can result in a suspension of your Texas drivers license, or make it so that you are unable to renew your license.  These TX surcharges are imposed, separate and apart from any fine you may receive from the court.

For example, when you’re convicted of failure to maintain financial responsibility (i.e., not having liability insurance), a Tx surcharge fee in the amount of $750 is rendered against you.  For no drivers license convictions, a $250 Texas surcharge will be imposed.  If you’re convicted of DWI, a surcharge in the amount of between $3000 and $6000 can be levied, depending upon the circumstances involved in your case.

Texas surcharges must be paid within thirty days.  Otherwise, your license to drive will be suspended until you’ve made an arrangement with the state to pay the surcharges owed, and you submit a license reinstatement fee.