Dallas Probation Violation Lawyer

If you’ve been placed on probation, and are alleged to have violated your probation, a prosecutor may have filed a motion to revoke your probation.  If you’re on deferred adjudication probation, the motion filed to allege a probation violation is referred to as a motion to proceed to an adjudication of guilt.  In either instance, a probation violation warrant has likely been issued for your arrest, and you are at risk of being taken into custody at your home, place of business, school, or during a routine traffic stop.

In Dallas County, if a felony probation violation warrant has been issued, you are subject to a no bond warrant.  As the name suggests, if you are arrested on a no bond warrant, you cannot bond out of jail, but must wait in jail until your court date.  Fortunately, if you retain a Dallas criminal defense attorney, it’s possible that he or she can request that a bond be set by the judge.  If a bond is set, an attorney bail bondsman may then be able to post a lawyer bail bond on your behalf, at which time you can be released from jail.  On Dallas County misdemeanor probation violation warrants, the standard bond amount is $500 (though, in some cases, it can be higher).  Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or felony probation violation, it’s critical that you take action immediately.  Once a bond is set, a Dallas criminal defense attorney can assist you with a walk through, which will cause the warrant to be set aside without your having to go into custody.  Don’t wait until you’re arrested!  Help is available.