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  • 2016 Crimes in Texas
    2016 Crimes in Texas

    Texas Crimes Alcohol and Tobacco Alcohol Beverage Code Violations Assembling or Operating an Amusement Ride While Intoxicated Boating While Intoxicated Driving While Intoxicated Flying While ...

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  • Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney
    Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

    If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, you’re likely experiencing a great deal of uncertainty. Am I going to serve time in jail? How will this charge affect my job prospects? Will I be able ...

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  • Let Us Represent You in Municipal Court
    Let Us Represent You in Municipal Court

    Municipal and JP Court Appearances Berlof and Newton P.C. represents people in issues involving municipal courts and Justice of the Peace courts. We provide affordable legal help with traffic tickets ...

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  • Texas Surcharges pt.2
    Texas Surcharges pt.2

    If you’ve received a traffic citation , you may have more than just the fine to worry about. Traffic ticket convictions can lead to Texas surcharges . If you’re convicted of a traffic ticket, the ...

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  • Burglary Attorney in Dallas
    Burglary Attorney in Dallas

    Have you been charged with burglary ? In Texas, the criminal offense of burglary is considered a second degree felony . As such, it carries a penalty range of two to twenty years in state prison, and ...

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  • Marijuana possession attorney
    Marijuana possession attorney

    Have you been arrested for possession of marijuana ? Even though many states have legalized marijuana possession , either for medicinal or recreational purposes, you can’t lawfully possess marijuana ...

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